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There is a Temple of the Sacred Heart at inner levels. It is under the direction of Mother Mary. The Temple stands in a very beautiful setting of spacious fields which stretch out around it as far as the eye can see. Grass almost knee high and beautiful flowers … fill these fields. The Temple is of Grecian style with marble steps leading up to it from the surrounding Elysian fields. The colonnades are all covered with beautiful pink roses.
During the month of May at Inner Levels the souls of all the lifestreams who can be admitted take embodiment within the next twelve month period appear before the Lords of Karma. They choose which ones will have opportunity to embody.
Some applicants for embodiment become eligible automatically by reason of completing a cycle of time at inner levels according to the evolution of their souls. The less evolved sometimes remain out of embodiment a thousand years, and automatically at the end of that cycle they come in a hand with a sponsor to apply for bodies. For the more evolved individuals it has been a hundred year cycle. The dedicated students individually often times waive the right to stay at inner levels and apply for embodiment almost immediately.
All these souls who are given opportunity to take embodiment within the following year, gather at Mary’s Temple of the Sacred Heart, they come within Her radiation and receive Her blessing. In their etheric bodies the individuals come walking through these magnificent fields from all directions under the blazing Light of the Inner Sun. The Temple of the Sacred Heart is dedicated to the action of drawing together the substance which will form the heart, the chalice of the Threefold Flame. Since entering the Realms of Light it has been Mary’s privilege and great service to Life to help fashion the matrix of the physical heart with elemental essence for each child that is to be born, into which the Immortal Flame of Life will be anchored.
Each one who has received opportunity to embody comes before Mary and presents to Her his elemental substance, the energies which are to form the vehicle (body) for the embodiment, through which the soul may seek understanding and ultimate freedom. Mary, with the soul, passes upon all the elemental substance used in previous embodiments, which is to fashion the body for that whole lifetime. The best and purest cells, the best elements of that substance which one had qualified though the ages, is selected. Out of this, Mary with the soul and body elemental fashion the heart in which will abide and function the Threefold Flame through that whole embodiment. Some do not have sufficient good substance of their own to make the heart, so where the Law permits, Mary draws forth from Her own Causal Body what is required to make up the deficiency.

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